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How to create an FTP Account in SiteWorx?

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You can use your SiteWorx username and password to access all folders and files via FTP. However, if you want to create an FTP user account for a specific folder or you don't want to allow access to your root files then you can create a separate FTP account.

1. Log into your SiteWorx account. (e.g. )

2. Under SiteWorx Menu, click the Hosting Features menu item if it is not already open.

3. Click the FTP menu item and then click on Accounts option.
siteworx-ftp-icon.gif 4. Under the Add an FTP Account field, fill in the following details:
  • FTP Username: Enter an FTP username like NewFTPUser.
  • Password: Enter a new FTP password in the password field, and the confirm password field or generate a new password by clicking on the Generate button.
  • Home Directory: Leave this as it is.
5. Click on the Add button.
Now you can access your FTP Account by using your newly-created FTP account like:
  • Host: Your Website IP or enter your website name like (replace with your website address).
  • Username:
  • FTP Port: 21 (Default port is 21).
  • FTP Password: Your FTP password.

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