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How to change username in WordPress?

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How to change username in WordPress?

By default, WordPress does not allow you to change the username that you use to connect to the admin area. However, if there is still a need to make changes for one reason or another, this restriction can be easily bypassed.

1. Log in to your WordPress Account.
2. From the side navigation menu in the left side, choose Plugins->Add new and install "Username changer" plugin or another one, that have the same functionality.
3. Activate this plugin.
4. Then in menu click on Users->Profile.
5. After installing the plugin, the "Change Username" option should appear next to the "Username" field. Click on it and change the username to the one you want.
6. Click on Save username.
7. Click on Click here to log back in and login into WordPress admin area with new username (password remain the same).

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